Tuesday, February 03, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Things you learn when the weather is not-so-nice out: Which buildings have lobbies or hallways that connect them to others so you can cross a block (or two) without having to be outside. Which buildings are better at keeping their sidewalks clear of slush, snow, and ice so you know when (or when not) to cross the street. Which buildings have USPS/FedEx drop boxes inside so you don't have to stand outside on the sidewalk to mail stuff.

2. I was grabbing something off the color printer at work today, and hilariously the first page I grabbed had two lines printed on it - someone's email signature that included "please consider the environmental impact before printing this email"...guess they didn't get that far when they read the email.

3. This evening my work computer and the T ganged up on me so that I didn't get home until 8:15.

4. My work computer is so effing slow that I have to stop myself from ripping it out from under my desk and throwing it out the window at least 6 times a day. Especially when it's 6:45 and I'm trying to go home.

5. I was just talking about movies (and TV shows) with a friend, which lead to me browsing NetFlix, and now I'm really really hoping that we can plug the 360 into the internet next week in NH so I can stream lots and lots of movies and knock some of the gazillions out of our queue.

6. When I took today's picture, I had recently finished dinner and was only an hour into Biggest Loser, which I started watching at 9:30ish and have been fast forwarding through the crap.

7. Tonight, I will be up past my bedtime.

8. Even though I just started a new trashy chic lit book that I would like to read before bed.

9. This may be the first time ever that I have watched Biggest Loser without eating complete junk at the same time. Should I not include a Biggest Loser something in this each week? It's always what I have on while I'm posting.

10. Work has been so draining lately that I've (temporarily) upgraded to a grande chai every day. Tomorrow I think I'll go back to the tall. Wish me luck.


Amy G said...

I love the Biggest Loser. :) I hope we can get it when we are in NH next week!!!!

Leyre said...

You are going to have an Office Space moment with that computer of yours if they don't replace it soon!

Cowbark said...

Seriously, the computer is killing me. Yesterday I had to restart because it was freezing for 2 minutes every. single. time. I. clicked. In the time it took to the thing to shut down and restart, I was cleared out my file drawer and reorganized my office supply drawer, which wasn't exactly a quick task. I'm trying to hold out the 2 months to my refresh...we'll see how it goes.