Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am posting late, but it's still Thankful Thursday! I'm grateful for the sun lately - so nice to stand at the trolley stop in the morning in the sun (and perhaps a little more in the parking lot than at the trolley stop). I'm sure my fellow commuters think I'm nuts when they see me standing there, facing away from the tracks in the middle of all the sand left from the melted snow piles, with my eyes closed and my face lifted to the sun....but I think it's a pretty great way to start the day.

I took this picture on the way to work - it's my favorite part of the trolley ride, just before it turns up through the cemetery when you have a view across the marsh. Love all those golden weedy things, love the sun rising over it all, love seeing the stinky Neponset (or maybe it's the marsh that's stinky?).

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Amy G said...

I doubt anyone thinks your nuts... you're just doing what everyone else wishes they were un-self-conscious enough to do!!! ;)