Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 on Tuesday...on Wednesday

1. What day is today? It's Tuesday! Just kidding. It's Wednesday, but since I spent my day yesterday sleeping and puking I'm going to treat you to 10 on Tuesday a day late. I don't want to disappoint my fans. Which is really just Lana, I know. But I can pretend.

2. So yup, puking and sleeping all day yesterday. I woke up with a migraine and nausea, but figured if I could eat breakfast to help with the nausea I could take my meds and I'd be fine. Not so much. I puked at work, which is not fun - puking in public restrooms (although at least I was the first to use that stall for the day) sucks, and auto-flushing toilets aren't nice when you've just finished puking and the over zealous auto-flusher splashes you in the face. EW. I know you're glad I shared that with you. Anyway, I got a cab home and parked myself on the couch (bedroom upstairs and toilet downstairs wasn't going to work) and didn't move for 19 hours. Except to run to the bathroom a few times.

3. I had a migraine Saturday, too. It turns out that either my migraines have changed types in the course of three days or I'm suffering from two different types of migraines at the same time. I know you're jealous of my awesome migraine skillz, suffering two different types in the span of three days. I realize that you're probably sitting there all "a migraine is a migraine is a migraine, Sarah, quit yer bitchin" but if you are it's probably because you've never suffered from migraines and I hope you never do. They feel different, your body reacts differently, you treat them differently. I can't remember the official name for it, but the migraine I had Saturday was a tension migraine and the migraine I had yesterday was a classic migraine. Classic ones are the ones where the nausea comes with them. I'm hoping this isn't a permanent change, because I can usually fight through the tension migraines but the classics are the ones that put me flat out.

4. Moving on to happier subjects, right now Pete is sitting on the couch looking very drowsy and Champ is curled up rather adorably against his leg. They're cute.

5. I bought 5 more boxes of Girl Scout cookies on Saturday. One of them is gone and two more have been opened. Let's see if these boxes last longer than a week!

6. On Sunday, I was brought a bag of Caramello Koalas by Maria who just got back from a trip down under (that sounds so cheesy). I brought those to work and have been sharing them with my cube neighbor.

7. I was going to vacuum tonight, I even got out the vacuum cleaner and picked up all the cat toys (see photo of corralled cat toys) and pulled the cord out of the vacuum cleaner...then I realized that I had occupied all of the available outlets with chargers because lots of batteries died today - camera, iPod, spare camera battery. Okay, the spare I just forgot to charge last time I swapped it out. Anyway, now the vacuum cleaner is sitting in the middle of the floor with the cord lying next to it, and I'm sitting my butt on the couch waiting for things to finish charging.

8. How many of you are currently saying "I bet she doesn't vacuum tonight"? Yeah, you're probably right.

9. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and I still don't have rain boots. My pretty star ones have cracks in the soles and leak. I tried fixing them with Shoe Goo, but it didn't work. I've tried buying new ones, but it turns out that rain boots are no longer made with a larger circumference, they're made narrow and snug. I understand that with large calves I will never own leather boots, but for the love of God people, rain boots are meant to be worn with your pants tucked in so they don't get wet. They are not made to be form fitting and snug! This is not one I'm willing to give up on just yet - hey, it took me three years to give up on finding leather boots that will comfortably fit my 16" circumference calves (you're all getting out a measuring tape to measure your calves, aren't you?). I'll be looking for mid-calf rain boots soon if I can't find taller ones, but I'll find some eventually. I miss my rain boots.

10. Just to prove all you doubters wrong, I stopped working on this and vacuumed. Clean houses are nice. And yes, those are twist ties mixed in with the cat toys. Because our cats love to play with anything that isn't a cat toy, especially boxes and bags (standard cat amusers). Twist ties, however, are Champs true love, and it's so fun watching her attack and play with them that we don't deny her.


Emily said...

A little expensive, but that 100% satisfaction guarantee is worth it.

Cowbark said...

Yeah, I've seen those - they were one of the first places I looked when my star ones first cracked...I'm skeptical because they don't list the circumference online, but I just called and they're 16 1/4. I'm not convinced that will be big enough. I'll have to measure the height and circumference of the star ones to compare.

Seriously, it should NOT be this hard to find rain boots.

Lana said...

You poor thing, Sarah. What if it's the Girl Scout Cookies giving you migraines?! Wouldn't that be awful!

Cowbark said...

I think if it really is GS cookies that are giving me my migraines, I will deal with the suffering and plan GS cookie binges so that the ensuing migraine happens on a day I plan to do nothing. ;)

Leyre said...

I am also a fan of your 10 on Tuesday, FYI, I'm just usually a few days behind the ball...hence my commenting on a Sunady :)