Thursday, March 19, 2009

I ordered this here necklace from acts of kindness (which I found via this blog, but turns out is made by the woman behind this blog, which is an offshoot of this one that Leyre recently introduced me to....the blogosphere is a small, small world!), and it came today. I knew exactly what it was when the mail woman came to my desk at work, and I had the envelope opened before she had turned around. Not only is the necklace everything I hoped it would be, but the packaging had me grinning and reaching for my camera to record it...and then gasping once I opened the box and saw the bag with my necklace in it lying in it's bed of feathers. And I'm not even a feather person, but I just thought it was a really sweet touch. I put the necklace on as soon as I took these photos and put my camera away, and I have to admit I'm a little sad to take it off before bed tonight!

I've had really great luck with purchases from Etsy, and I have to say that it's the little surprises with the packaging and the hand written notes from the sellers that always make whatever I've bought that much more awesome and lovable. I like having that connection (even if it's a small one) with the person that made whatever it is I'm buying.

And that, my friends, is what I'm thankful for this Thursday - a place to buy things that are created with as much love as I have for them when I get my greedy little hands on them!


Julia said...

Hi Cowbark!

I saw on Apartment Therapy that you're thinking of doing the Spring Cure and that you live in the Chocolate Factory.

I live there too and my husband and I are planning a major overhaul of our apartment. There are so many cool old architectural details and we want to highlight them.

I'd love to meet up at Flat Black over coffee to hear what you're thinking and trade ideas about finding fun pieces on Etsy and elsewhere.


Lana said...

Cute, Sarah :) Wear it tonight :)

Cowbark said...

Hey Julia!

That sounds awesome - I'm all about making friends in the neighborhood! Shoot me an email at cowbarkpad (at) gmail (dot) com and we can make plans.

Cowbark said...

Hey Lana!

I actually did put it back on again today (after almost forgetting to take it off last night, actually!) so you'll get to see it in person tonight. Yay!