Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I apologize for being a bad blogger lately. I've been busy, with work first and then life, and haven't taken many pictures or taken the ones I have and put them into posts. I even started a 10 on Tuesday the other day with the intention of finishing my 10, getting a photo while I was at dinner with Ma & Bec, and posting as soon as I got home...but then I got home and it was late and I was tired. You're probably actually better off without it, because the weather has been sad and grey all week and so my mood has been grey and whiny. See? I was actually saving you from having to read my whining. Anyway, back to the grind...and it's Thankful Thursday!

This will really be two things, because one of them lead me to the other. I'm thankful to have finally found someone to cut my hair who kicks ass. I brought her pictures the first few times she cut it, but now I just go in and she does her thing. And it looks awesome every. single. time. If you're in Boston and you need a haircut, go see Naomi at Avanti on Newbury St. I love the girl. It took us all of two seconds to hit it off - and it helps that both of our SOs have the same name, and we have a history of living in the same buildings/neighborhoods (see #4).

Onto the second thing - I have to be thankful for Ros who tipped me off to the awesomeness that is Naomi, because I'm sure she'll credit herself in the comments if I don't. ;)


Lana said...

So where's the pic of your new haircut?!?

Cowbark said...

I haven't taken one I like, but you'll see it tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the credit (I never would of written a comment about it.... well maybe I would of!). She is good - photos please!!!!