Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. First, please ignore the spots flying through the sky in the photo. I need to clean my lens. And/or have my sensor cleaned. Probably and. Regardless, that was the sun coming up this morning when I was on my way to work.

2. I was happy to discover Sunday night that we could now get into the fitness center that was put in on the first floor of our apartment building! I saw someone on one of the treadmills when I was on my way in, but hadn't heard anything from the management company about it. I needed to do laundry last night and figured I'd try my key and if it worked I'd use the bike while I waited for the washer to finish up...and it did, woohoo! We got a notice today that Friday is the "grand opening" of the fitness center, but I decided to go ahead and use it again after work today rather than waiting for the "grand opening". Yay for free access to cardio machines!

3. Anyone know why my left foot falls asleep when I use the bike in the fitness center? I'm thinking I'll be switching to the elliptical or treadmill in the future (booo - harder to read while I'm on those!). Pretty sure having my foot fall asleep while exercising is not a good thing.

4. It's getting C-O-L-D around here! It's been cold enough for long enough that the river is starting to freeze over - there are even huge chunks of ice in part of the "rapids", which is when you know it's bad. I love seeing that river every time I go to/from the trolley, but I like it a little less with it's got tons of ice all over and is reminding me exactly how cold it is outside!

5. We took the kitties to the vet on Saturday! Time to put Champ on a diet - she weighed in at 13.6 lbs! Remember when when found her a year and a half ago? When she weighed ONE POUND? Not anymore! On the other hand, Barley came in just over 10 and doesn't need to diet...but he'll be doing it anyway, because she steals his food if we aren't policing them, so we'll have to feed them the same thing. The good news is that aside from weight, everyone is doing okay. The bad news is that the vet recommended surgery to remove some of Champs extra toes (she's got 6 toes on each paw. Our little mutant!) as the claws are growing around in a circle - almost like a ram's horns do - and cutting/irritating her little paws. If she weren't such a brat and would let us hold her we could cut them ourselves and she would be fine...but someone can't stand being held so she may end up with surgery instead. Right after one of us gets a part time job to pay for it. You'd think with that extra toe/almost opposable thumb she could get out there and earn the money herself!

6. If you think I'm joking about Champ not liking to be held, trust me, we've tried! The record is 8 Mississippi. As in you can pick her up and hold her while you count, and by 8 Mississippi she will have her claws fully out and be digging them into your chest/stomach/neck while she launches herself out of your arms with every ounce of strength that she has.

7. It's possible that I've done nothing in my free time but read since...sometime on Saturday, I believe. I borrowed book three of the Twilight series (Eclipse) from Alannah and book four (Breaking Dawn) from Emily, so I'm catching up. Well, finishing up. Rather quickly!

8. As much as I've been reading lately, Pete has been playing Assassin's Creed 2. This has led to a number of occasions where I was pretty sure we were going to be replacing an XBox controller, because as it turns out someone has a little problem with controlling his temper when the game isn't doing what he wants it to. It doesn't help when he's playing Assassin's Creed in between football games (well...the first quarter of football games) where his favorite teams are getting their butts kicked. Fun times at our house last Sunday!

9. Speaking of which, who's counting down until the Super Bowl?! I am! Or rather, counting down to the day after the Super Bowl.

10. Did I mention that I'm having trouble putting down Breaking Dawn? I think it's time to snuggle up with a blanket, some tea, and Bella, Edward, and Jacob! Particularly Jacob.


Lana said...

That would be so sad to cut off Champs toes! What if he started falling all over the place? Doesn't he fall out of the loft now as it is? What if you got a restraint bag and learned to clip his nails with it http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/clientED/cat_restraint.aspx
I wish I still worked at EFP- we had great cat nail trimmer experts. They'd do them for free.

Cowbark said...

haha - the falling from the loft is because they can't pull themselves back up with their front claws all the time, and they both do it. I think Barley has actually fallen more than Champ!

About her falling - it's just her one extra toe (on two paws - her left side seems fine, it's her right side that's a problem) that they would remove, so it shouldn't really affect her balance or anything. I'm learning towards doing it, but it's not likely in the near future because of the cost. In the meantime, we're going to keep working with her to try and trim them ourselves and take her to the ARL to have them trimmed if we can't do it and they get bad.