Tuesday, May 04, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I'm a delinquent, I know. I'm working on changing that, so bear with me! Let's get back into the 10 on Tuesday habit, shall we? And please, join in the fun and leave a link to your 10 in the comments! I know there are some delinquent bloggers out there that are reading this and could easily join in *cough*LeyreSwiftyEmilySB*cough*

2. What's interesting about my being a delinquent is that I can't even tell you how many Tuesdays (or Mondays or Wednesdays when I had no idea what day of the week it really was) I've composed these posts in my head and either never got to the computer or never got my hands on my camera and so didn't post.

3. Given the whole recent water hub-bub around here (you can read more here if you'd like), things have been a bit out of the ordinary. By that I mean, my one-chai-a-workday habit that has recently come back with a vengeance was not one I could partake of yesterday - yikes! It's a rough start to the work week when half the city is running around in a caffeine deprived panic trying to find any coffee they can get their hands on. I digress. I'm a big fan of the mochas at Flat Black (not like that's a secret around here: 1, 2, 3) and I conveniently live across the street from one location and work three-ish blocks from another. Even more conveniently, their owner rigged the espresso machines to pull from bottled spring water after the boil water order went into affect on Saturday, so they were pumping out all kinds of caffeinated goodness that other places weren't. This morning I took a little walk to enjoy the beautiful weather and ended up walking to Flat Black for some iced mocha deliciousness. I was crossing the street looking at their front door and the sign that says "Come in, we're open" and I thought "They should really change that sign to read 'come in, we're awesome', it would be more appropriate."

4. What else did we learn reading #3? That now you'll hear a lot about how I'm working on re-quitting my one-chai-a-workday habit. Preferably without replacing it with a one-FlatBlackIcedMocha-a-workday habit.

5. It must really be spring around here - we're alternating between rainy 40's last week, hot and humid 80's over the weekend, and 60's with possible thunderstorms later this week. But forget the weather, you know it's spring in the Financial District when the grass at PO Square is open for your lunchtime enjoyment and the fountain is turned on!

6. Haiku for you! Inspired by my ten minute visit the post office today:
Spring in New England-
On the way in: umbrella.
Shades on the way out.

7. Can I use punctuation like that in a haiku? Regardless, let's all be impressed that somewhere along the line I learned about syllables, because there's a whole lot of other basic grammar that either I never learned or I have no recollection of learning. Some people named Pete would argue it's the same case with geography.

8.Oh! About that picture up there...I don't drink beer, but I buy it relatively often for Pete. He's pretty unbiased in his beer love, which makes it hard for me to shop. However, after watching Beer Wars (it's on Netflix Instant and definitely a must watch) I always look for something that's in a less noticeable/hidden part of the cooler and is brewed by a small/local brewery. After that, what do I do? I buy 100% based on packaging design. And tonight this cute choco lab won me over. Pete doesn't even know yet that this 6 pack is waiting for him in the fridge, so I'll try and remember to report back on quality. But don't hold me to that, because it's possible that I also bought myself a bottle of wine that I've managed to make a good dent in already....

9. Tonight is Lost night, and there are only three more episodes before the series finale. It makes me a little sad, but at the same time happy. I'm glad they aren't just dragging it out because it has the ratings. I'm curious to see how things end. I've heard (POSSIBLE SPOILER - skip to #10 if you care) that they leave a lot unanswered in the final episode and that makes me happy. I don't want to see a "every tied up with a pretty little bow" Hollywood ending.

10. And now that we've brought up Lost, I need to get myself ready for optimal viewing comfort. That means I need to change into pajamas, clean up dinner dishes, and snuggle down under my blanket. Peace out, homies!

Don't forget to let me know when you finish your 10 on Tuesday with a link in the comments.... ;)


Leyre said...

BAM: http://chicamania.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/ten-on-tuesday-3/

Try not to fall over from shock ;)

Cowbark said...

YEAH! I love it. I'll send you a reminder email next Tuesday AM. ;)