Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A List: Things To Do This Summer

I realize it's a little late to be starting this list, but better late than never, right?!

1. Lunchtime croquet with co-workers on the Greenway Attempted Friday, September 10th to no avail - there were games, but no croquet.
2. Buy a bike. And ride it.
3. Watch a Movie by Moonlight at the Boston Harbor Hotel (link opens PDF)* You know what ruined this? Hurricane Earl!
4. Hike a new-to-me Boston Harbor Island* completed Saturday, July 3rd
5. Kayak on the Charles
6. Shakespeare on the Common* completed Saturday, August 7th
7. Celebrate a feast in the North End
8. See at least one Free Friday Flick at the Hatch Shell (link opens PDF)*
9. Attend the Forest Hills Lantern Festival** This was overruled by our friend Karl's gallery opening.

*Will involve a picnic lunch/dinner
**Will involve dinner at Bella Luna

Doesn't it feel like I should have an even 10? I couldn't come up with one. If I do, I'll let you know. In the meantime, what's on your "To Do This Summer" list?!


Jen said...

10. Make a Kahlua ice cream cake, naturally!

Cowbark said...

That's a very good idea! I was actually talking about ice cream cakes today, so I guess that means it's a sign and I HAVE to do it. :)

emily said...

Throw a kick-ass baby shower? I thought Nantucket was on your summer list.

Cowbark said...

I think Nantucket is actually going to be on my fall list. Less crowded, quieter.