Sunday, November 28, 2010


Chip, chip, chipping away at my Fall To Do list!

It's very possible that it's been almost a year since I was at the ICA - when Rob and Carita were visiting last December. That's far too long, especially when you take into account that I get free admission thanks to a corporate sponsorship from work. I'm dumb and missed the Charles LeDray: workworkworkworkwork  exhibit that I was interested in, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Mark Bradford one that's currently there. Particularly his piece titled Scorched Earth, which you can see if you check out the slide show on that last link.

I should probably back up a bit...before I made it to the ICA, I stopped by KO Catering & Pies to feed my latest obsession. That is, anything and everything they make! They're a quick T ride from our apartment, and a one mile walk from the ICA - how convenient! I noshed on my classic with cheese, then bundled up and walked through the not-so-scenic corner of Southie/Fort Point. Once I got to very up-and-coming corner of Fort Point (you'll know it by the recently finished and now for sale luxury condos and the Barbara Lynch restaurants) I happily stumbled across and into the Fort Point Artists Community shop. I'm pretty sure I saw about a million things I wanted to buy, but Christmas season = no buying for me, only buying gifts and I left empty handed.

Just seeing the ICA across the barren parking lots on the waterfront makes me happy - it's a beautiful building inside and out. I love the boardwalk that wraps around it, and the views of the harbor that it offers. I love knowing that once I get inside there will be equally beautiful (and much warmer, these days!) views to enjoy alongside whatever awesomeness they have hanging in the galleries. It doesn't hurt that getting into and out of the elevator includes signs marking each floor in my favorite color. ;)

I didn't take any photos of the Bradford exhibit. I was carrying my camera in my hand and at one point one of the docents/guards/whatever was following me around the gallery to the point where I was pretty sure that she was just waiting for me to try and take a photo so she could tell me I wasn't allowed to. In the end, she cornered me to spout her thoughts and feelings about one of the pieces, which I could have done without. She was a bit awkward and I didn't find her insights that informative or useful. I never did decide whether she just needed to talk to someone about the exhibit or if she really was waiting to pounce if I lifted my camera.

I'm pretty sure I could have sat for hours on a bench in the Founders Gallery, soaking up the gorgeous view of the harbor. I did stay there for a while, but not hours, before moving on to the permanent collection. And the permanent collection was inspiring, as usual. I love the mix of media they always have - sculpture, paintings, photographs, sound, video. If only the other museum patrons realized that proper museum etiquette (at least to me) means that you actually go into the rooms in which the video pieces are playing, not just standing in and blocking the doorway for anyone else that might be interested!

Regardless of awkward docents and annoying patrons, I really can't complain about any trip to the ICA. Am I gushing like teenager in love? I feel a little bit like one. If I'm going to be a football widow, I might as well have a good crush (or two or three) to spend my time with while Pete is at home footballing it up! ;)

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Sar said...

awww i wish i could be a crush! or help you find more crushes! :)
i miss the ICA! i miss boston! i miss you :(