Tuesday, January 04, 2011

10 On What Day?

I had intended to write you a 10 on Tuesday tonight, but we were out late (doing laundry, how exciting!) and so I'm too tired to think of 10 different things to talk about...please stay tuned for 10 on Wednesday tomorrow! ;)

Oh, and this picture? It's the sudoku calendar Pete gave me for Christmas. He gave me one last year and I loved it - I did my page each day, and finished nearly all of them. But this one...it's really hard and makes me feel stupid. Pete bought it because it's the Will Shortz one, and he recognized Will Shortz's (grammar police? Is that apostrophe right? Is that "s" right?) name from NPR's Weekend Edition. While I secretly think he bought it with the intention of making me feel stupid, he claims he had no idea who Will Shortz really is (i.e. the maker of the hardest puzzles known to man) beyond him appearing on NPR. Don't worry, if it ever happens that I managed to finish one of these sudokus this year, I'll let you guys know.

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