Monday, January 03, 2011

A List: Things To Do This Winter

I had a bit better success with my fall list than I had with my summer list...I got a bit ambitious with some budget-hungry items. Two trips to New York and tickets to a show while leading into the holiday/gift giving season? Not so much! I also over-planned for things that needed doing in October, which was a busy month even without to do list items. Two of the unfinished items I'm not giving up on - I am going to carry over the Freedom Trail to my winter list, and seeing the Urban Nutcracker will go back on my list next fall.

In the end, I got five out of nine to dos checked off - not too bad!  Even better, I think I've learned some lessons on seasonal to do list planning - this time around I spent a bit more time comparing my list to a calendar and my budget. Hopefully I'm really setting myself up for success this time around.

Without further ado, here's my Winter 2011 To Do List!
  1. Have a Hitchcock Movie Marathon  DONE! (but no pictures...)
  2. Go ice skating at the Frog Pond  
  3. Try Phở (Possibly here?)  
  4. Visit the new Americas Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts  DONE!
  5. Walk the entire Freedom Trail (carried over from my fall list)  DONE!
  6. Check out the Museum of Science Observatory  DONE!
  7. Cook in the crock pot at least once a week  DONE!
  8. See Mary Poppins at the Opera House  
What's on your Winter 2011 To Do List?? Let me know if you want to join me for anything on mine, I would love to have company while I work my way through it!

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