Sunday, January 16, 2011


Check out this lazy bum, lounging in the warm afternoon sunshine that comes in through the living room window.

It always amazes me how impeccably well timed the cats internal clocks are. Champ has a knack for finding her way from her afternoon sleeping spot in the bedroom into the living room at almost the same time every evening. She also starts meowing and begging for her food at almost exactly 7:45 each night...we feed them at 8:00. In the early afternoon, both cats find their way from wherever they have settled in the morning (often in front of the bedroom windows - Champ in the left side window and Barley in the right side window) and into the living room to lounge together in this sunny spot that shows up just after noon. I'm pretty sure you can set a clock by them and be no more than 10 minutes off from one day to the next.

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