Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

We got a whole lot of snow today! I don't know how much, I haven't really paid close attention to the reports and it didn't really stop snowing until well into the evening. I was stir crazy, though, and so around nine o'clock I rugged up and went outside. I shoveled our stairs and sidewalk (our landlord has someone that comes and does this, but who knows when they were coming and I had energy to burn anyway), which worked up quite a sweat. And then I rewarded myself with a stroll to Coffee Break Cafe for a tasty hot chocolate!

If ever you want the scoop on what's going on in the midst of a snow storm, head to the local coffee shop. I got the update (second hand) from the firemen that had been in earlier, and the policeman that came in while I was there. Luckily, he had just walked out the door when the power lines that cross the street fell, so he pulled out of the parking lot and blocked the road until someone could come clear those away. Also luckily, the guy whose car the power lines landed on had just five minutes before finished digging out his car - good thing he wasn't still standing there!

Props to the MBTA, who was out in force keeping the T stop and the parking lot in great shape! I didn't ride the T at all during the storm, but the reports I heard were that the service was running great and with few delays due to the weather. Pete said a zillion times in the morning that he was going to head into the office to get some work done because there was a lot to do, but he wimped out after walking only half way to the T stop (which equals a short block, for those of you not familiar with our neighborhood). Lazy bum! He sat inside and played video games all day. Meanwhile, I hopped in the Zipcar I had booked and headed to see a friend. I know. Crazy to be driving in a blizzard. On that note, was it officially a blizzard, or is everyone just calling it that? I don't even know, but it honestly wasn't horrible when I was out, which was the tail end of what was meant to be the worst of it. Anyway, I headed to see a friend and help out with shoveling, because sometimes people need a friend around, and I wasn't going to let a snow storm stop me from being that friend. Plus, shoveling = alternative workout, and I missed the gym Tuesday (because of plans after work) and Wednesday (because I didn't go to work)!

Props also to the plow crews that were out - the roads were in pretty great shape considering the amount of snow we got and how quickly it was coming down in the morning! I guess that's what happens when you have thousands of plows on standby, waiting for the first flake to fall. 95 was in pretty good shape when I first headed out around noon, and it was in fantastic shape when I was heading home just after eight o'clock! I was pleasantly surprised, because I had geared myself up for a very slow, very stressful ride and while it was slower than usual, it was not nearly as stressful as I had anticipated. So thank you to all the plow drivers that were out in force for what I'm sure was a veeeeeery long day.

Oh...and here's a glimpse of how Champ spent her snow day.

OH WAIT! That's exactly how she spends every day. Lucky not-so-little thing. I'm sure that when I took this, Barley was in Pete's lap doing his best to be as annoyingly in the way of the XBox controller as possible. :)


Anonymous said...

I like the top photo -the person with the umbrella. Great scene!

- Rich

Sarah G said...

Thank Rich!