Wednesday, February 09, 2011

As Seen In Glamour Magazine

Look! It's me! In my awesome new winter coat! In the freezing cold! So this coat...I had a few requirements for a new coat: doesn't look like a sleeping bag, has a hood, not black/grey/navy, at least knee-length. And warm. This one fits the bill, and I managed to get it on sale, which was also nice. There was a bit of a debacle getting UPS to deliver it, as it was meant to be redelivered the same day we had a blizzard. I guess for UPS, that means that it's okay to take the next six days to claim "emergency weather conditions" and not redelivery.

Also, I love my new camera. I used to take self portraits (and force Pete into them) all the time pre-DSLR, but since the lens that is on my DSLR 95% of the time is the equivalent of a 75mm, it's a bit hard to get a self portrait at arms length. And so now that I have this new point and shoot you can all look forward to seeing my mug more often. ;)

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Sar said...

haha SO CUTE! so glad you are in agreement with not wanting to sport the sleeping bag look! ;-)