Thursday, February 10, 2011

Under The Covers

There are two things to note here.

First: we own two duvets - one for us and one for guests. The guest duvet is newer, and the down stays evenly distributed. Our duvet is a zillion years old, and the down always ends up at the foot of the bed. At some point it struck me that we should try swapping them out and putting the guest duvet on our bed and use our ancient one for guests when we have them. Brilliant! And even more brilliant, instead of putting the ancient duvet away in the trunk like I should have, I put it on the couch and started using it in place of the throw blanket that usually keeps me warm through the winter. I call it my white cloud of warmth, and I love it. It's giant and I get all tangled up in it and it keeps me cuh-razy warm.

Second: Barley has taken to not just curling up in my lap, but curling up in my lap...under the blanket. I'm pretty sure that I've talked here about how Pete's butt gives off crazy amounts of heat. Barley, curled up under a blanket, is like Pete's butt times ten. He is like a little ball of fire!!! Sometimes when he curls up on top of me under the blanket I end up having to untuck from the blanket to let cool air in.

And now you know all about the white cloud of warmth, which is what you is over top of Barley in the photo above. My legs are in the bottom right of the photo - this time he was curled up against my leg instead of on top of me, which is much nicer than having a little ball of fire on top of you.

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