Saturday, April 23, 2011

Number 4: We Are New England

4.23.2011 Revolution 1

It turns out that almost all of our nights out lately have been unofficially sponsored by Groupon. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good deal. I also love trying new things and going on "adventures", so getting to do that on the cheap is even awesomer.

4.23.2011 Revolution 3Neither Pete or I follow MLS, nor had either of us been to a Revolution game. Or to Gillette Stadium. And now we've remedied that despite the chilly, raw weather. Groupon posted a deal for a ticket to a Revolution game and a free t-shirt for $18. That's a pretty sweet deal! You had no control over what seats you got, but they don't exactly sell out, so if our seats hadn't been perfectly acceptable, we could easily have moved into seats that would have been great. We're lazy, so we stayed in our perfectly acceptable seats. Also, we didn't think to bring towels to dry off seats with, and our free t-shirts weren't super absorbent. Switching seats would have lead to cold, wet butts!

The Revolution won, and we had a good time despite the mildly obnoxious teenagers that were sitting next to us. It was fun to listen to the chanting and singing from the folks seated in "The Fort", and to ponder all kinds of very important soccer related things, like "what's the deal with soccer and scarves?"and "do you think they have to take acting classes as part of their training?" Now that we've got answers to those questions, I think we'll be much better prepared for any future professional soccer matches!

4.23.2011 Revolution 2

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