Saturday, June 18, 2011


6.18.11 Vacation 2

Time to back post (sorry for spamming your feed readers!) and catch you all up on vacation - I couldn't bring myself to upload photos and post daily, I was having too much fun relaxing!

In case you're wondering about how well I did on my vacation to do list...well, I did okay. There were five things that never happened: running, yoga, reading, lunch at Smokin' Good BBQ, and crochet. I'm a little sad about the yoga, but I'm okay with the rest of it. There was nowhere to run near the house - we would have had to drive the 15 minutes to Bethel to run on a path along the river there. Unfortunately, there was never a great time for yoga - we were always heading down to play on the water or recovering from an adventure, or just having too much fun hanging out with everyone. And Smokin' Good BBQ - well, we made it to another roadside BBQ trailer, so I'm okay with that one. I also haven't created a new blog header yet, but technically vacation isn't over until I wake up tomorrow, right?!

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