Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 on Tuesday


1. You guys, two years ago today I watched my best friend give birth to a little girl, who has grown into a super adorable toddler. I think I will always feel extra connected to O for having watched her come into this world. Also, when she is older and talks back to me I can totally pull out the "I watched you come into this world and I can watch you go out of it, too!" threat. ;) Not that she'll ever talk back, I'm sure she'll be an angel. Leyre, it has been awesome watching you and Mike as parents! It's going to be super fun watching everything that is yet to come for that little family.

2. Also to note, today is almost exactly the same weather as the day O was born. That's not actually a good thing, because it means cool and overcast. Spring/Summer? Are you there? We miss you in Boston! Come back any time.

3. I canNOT use the word actually without pronouncing it (at least in my head, but often out loud) the way my niece Claire used to when she was in her actually phase - often correcting anything you said, even if she was really just adding on to what you said and not correcting you. I wish I had a video clip so you could hear it.

4. Despite my comments above, this weather is good for one thing...running! Pete and I went out last night for our usual three miles and it was awesome. I haven't run in almost a week because I was letting those shin splints heal and was worried it would be a rough run. Not the case. By the time we hit the two little hills towards the end of our route and Pete was next to me saying "Screw you, hill!" out loud, I was actually thinking just about the same thing. I owned those two little hills, and I felt good while I was doing it. Then, in the last block before home where I often feel like I want to puke and/or collapse, I was all about finishing strong and racing (AND BEATING) Pete to the corner. Turns out that low 60's is my ideal running weather.

5. My awesome run last night almost had me convinced I needed to rethink my goal for the 5k I'm running at the end of July. We ran 9:45 miles last night and my goal for July is 10:00 miles....seems obvious, right? I'm going to stick with the 10:00 miles goal (I ran 10:19 miles in the Corporate Challenge, which was a slightly longer race and crazy crowded) for now and see how I feel when (if?) it really starts to get warm around here, because running in late-July heat and humidity is not my bag, baby.

6. I swear, last running one for today... I've been trying to find one race each month this summer to keep me motivated and running when it's hot out, and I think I just found my August race: The Memphis Soul 5k BBQ Run. I may not be fast enough to win my age group, but maybe I'm fast enough to beat any other females dressed as Elvis? Do we need to start looking into an Elvis running costume? Perhaps!

7. A week from right now, I'll be on vacation. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny and I will be relaxing on a patio/dock, in a hot tub, or fire-pit-side...but I would settle for just not raining. I am really trying to keep myself in check with my To Do on Vacation list, but I keep thinking about it and I think writing it down (typing it out?) might actually help stop it from growing to non-relaxing proportions, so here it is...it's not crazy, right? I swear there will still be plenty of time for relaxing and fun!
  • Run (with Pete, 3-4x)
  • Do yoga (4-5x)
  • Hot Tub (as many x as possible)
  • Finish reading Vanity Fair (#9 on Spring To Do List), start reading How Yoga Works
  • Celebrate the birthdays of five awesome little people
  • Complete a Mark Simmons "Death March" (#5 on Spring To Do List)
  • Eat S'mores (7-50x)
  • Learn to kayak (#3 on Spring To Do List)
  • Crochet
  • Create a new blog header (#6 on Spring To Do List)
  • Finalize and post Summer To Do List
  • Celebrate the bachelorette-hood of one awesome big person with Girls' Day shopping, lunch, and massages
  • Take a new group photo to add to the collection (2009, 2007, pretty sure Lana has one from 2004-5ish)
  • Have lunch at Smokin' Good BBQ
8. Speaking of vacation, I also have a word document going with lists of everything I/we need to pack. Lists, yes - divided out by food, beverage, games, sports, electronics, clothing, other. It sounds ridiculous when it's explained like that, but it's actually super simple and has put my mind at ease since I'll be packing the car on my own and then picking Pete up at work on the way out of town. God forbid we forget the Rock Band instruments or the ketchup, right? ;)

9. Champ is racing around like a psycho tonight! Usually she only does that when she and Barley are chasing, but tonight most of her kitty crazies happened while Barley was happily Perched on Pete's lap. She never ceases to make us laugh - sometimes with her, mostly at her. There may be times I curse having found her in that car engine

10. Eating dinner at 9:15 is a bit nuts. I went from work to yoga, which was awesome because I was the only one in class. Free 1 on 1 yoga session? Yes please! From yoga I went home, dropped off my bag, picked up Pete, and headed out to meet my running club. Three miles later, we chatted a bit and walked home. Shower, hydrate, etc... It was 9:15 by the time I was clean, in PJs, and sitting down with my dinner. I'm not sure I want to make this a regular routine, but I'm feeling pretty awesome after yoga and running back to back. Also? I'm feeling pretty ready for bed. Would anyone want to place bets on how many pages of my book I get through before falling asleep?? Leave your guess in the comments, I'll send the lucky winner a souvenir from vacation! :)

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