Saturday, November 12, 2011

(Summer) Number 1: Buy a bike and ride it

11.12.2011 Bike at beach

I'm finally checking this one off my Summer To Do List! You already knew I bought a bike, but I ran into some trouble putting it together. I eventually gave up and brought it to an awesome local bike shop (seriously, I can't recomend those guys enough) to finish up the job. They called while I was out running errands yesterday to let me know it was ready and I picked it up and bought a helmet from them on my way home. This morning I rode down to Quincy center to pick up a few things I had on hold at the library, and then rode down to the beach and then home. I am TERRIFIED of making left-hand turns across traffic and being doored - especially in Quincy where there aren't a lot of bikers so drivers aren't used to sharing the road. Despite that, I actually made three easy and safe left turns using a left turn lane (and once just hopped off my bike and used the crosswalk to get through the intersection).

It was beautiful out, pretty perfect biking weather - cool enough to keep you from getting sweaty but not so cold that you can't keep warm. I mapped out my trip and it turns out it was 6.3 wonder my butt was so sore!! Guess I need to ease into riding while my butt gets used to a bike seat. :)

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