Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday


  1. It hit seventy degrees today, for the second day in a row! It's beautiful and lovely and sunny and springy...but I hesitate to believe that spring is HERE. The weather has been so up and down all winter that I'm just waiting for the temperature to drop back down to the thirties or forties for a few days before it bounces up to the sixties again.
  2. It's really hard to sit in the office at home, two feet from the open window that is letting a warm breeze in, and focus on work. I end up daydreaming about all of the different ways that I would rather be spending a warm, sunny afternoon. Yesterday I was so anxious to get out and run that before I could finish what I was working on, I ran to the bedroom to change into my running clothes. Today I was a bit more patient and went for a bike ride after work(it helped that the day started off rainy and grey, so the sunshine and really warm didn't set in until after lunch).
  3.  I meant to take a leisurely bike ride down to the beach and back, but I ended up taking a nine (point three) mile bike ride to the beach, along the beach, to Marina Bay, back along the beach, and finally home. Around mile six was when I realized I was already saddle sore, at which point I had no choice but to ride the last three miles home. The good news is that now I know it's about 3 miles and fifteen minutes from here to Marina Bay, so I can plan accordingly when the outdoor bar season starts up again. ;)
  4. Things I saw while on my bike ride today: two dogs splashing through the water, happy as pigs in mud; one child brave enough to wade in what must still be freezing cold water; one sand castle being built; one gentleman leaning casually against his convertible, top down, wearing all tech gear...just like he was doing yesterday when I ran by (he must really get sweaty standing around to need tech gear); one woman pushing a double stroller who was incapable of leaving room on the path for anyone to pass; one impromptu neighborhood meeting; the fattest English Bulldog I have ever seen; one adorable little boy who insisted that his father keep helping him up onto the sea wall, so that he could jump back down again (down is the best part!).
  5. Besides the nice weather, my calendar this week is shaping up to be super fun! I have plans to attend an event at the MFA on Thursday after work with two coworkers, and plans to shovel excessive amounts of fondue into my mouth on Friday after work with some of my favorite ladies. I'm pretty sure that's the best way to start a weekend.
  6. Instead of upgrading to a sparkly new phone like a normal person, I spent a few hours this weekend rooting my two+ year old phone (you iPhoners would call it "jail breaking") and then cleaning up all the crap I don't use but couldn't remove without rooting it. It has already made a huge difference in how fast my phone is, but now I need to figure out how to actually upgrade the android OS I'm running. I have a feeling that will be much trickier. It is also much more likely to render my phone completely useless if I screw it up. Can't someone just make a fancy new phone that I actually want?!
  7. Champ has been very chatty lately! She has started to report back after dinner each night, meowing loudly from the kitchen to let us know she finished. Yesterday she was in the (open) window in the bedroom when she meowed to let me know she was jumping down, wandered to the hallway and meowed to tell me how much she loved the window being open, and then jumped back up into the window. Tonight Pete is reading in bed and she has been frequently coming to the doorway of the living room and meowing at me to ask why I'm not in bed yet, too. (Obvs I speak cat and know exactly what she's trying to tell me when she's meowing.)
  8. I've been reading a lot since I got my Kindle Touch in January, and I'm constantly searching for new books. I've been lucky and finding plenty to keep my busy via the local libraries (Quincy and Boston), but lately I feel like every book that I'm looking forward to isn't available through the library. I think it's time to start with me "well I read five free books, so paying $10 for this one really works out to less then $2 per book!" justifications.
  9. I bought this t-shirt a few weeks ago and love it so much that I've been wearing it almost non-stop. I am surprised that not a single person has commented on it when I've worn it in public. Clearly the people I've been passing by don't have very good taste in TV! It's possible that no t-shirt I ever own will earn me as many comments from complete strangers as my Piggly Wiggly one does.
  10. I also bought new sheets a few weeks ago, and they make me so happy every time I go to bed! If I had realized how happy pretty new sheets would make me I would have bought them a long time ago but I always see how much sheets cost and feel like it's so expensive, then talk myself out of spending the money. Sometimes money does equal happiness! ;)

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