Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overdue Number 1: Eat at Cafe Polonia


This is overdue, but I'm so glad that we made sure to do it! Number one on this past winter's To Do List was to eat at Cafe Polonia, a well renowned Polish restaurant located in Andrew Square in Dorchester - the heart of the Polish Triangle. This kept getting delayed over the winter, and the one Saturday we did make it there we were turned away because they were fully booked. I knew that the place was small and popular, but I certainly didn't expect to be told to "make a reservation and come back another weekend". I think that in the end, that actually made me even more determined to get there!

I should note that usually when I have a notion to try a new restaurant or to some type of ethnic cuisine, I have to do a certain amount of convincing to get Pete to go with me. This time around it was much easier - Pete only had to look at the menu once and he readily agreed to go with me. This time he even pulled a me and was scoping out the menu in the afternoon, planning what he would order! He may have done that with the intention of scoping out their beer list, which they don't have online, but it still made me think that maybe he was as excited for this as I was - and when it comes to food, that's just about never the case.

I got the Polish Plate, which is a sampler of pierogi (three different fillings - the potato and cheese were by far my favorite), kielbasa (tasty!), stuffed cabbage (I thought it was bland, we weren't fans), and bigos (lots of sauerkraut - not my thing). Pete got the Gypsy Pancake, which is two potato pancakes with goulash sandwiched between. It was INSANELY delicious. Pete also got the only dark beer they serve - a porter (seen above) that he absolutely loved. He basically wouldn't shut up about how good it was, and if you know Pete you know that "he wouldn't shut up" is not something people say about him, so it must really mean something!

We've already got our return trip planned - one order potato and cheese pierogis, one order kielbasa, and one order gypsy pancakes to share, leaving some leftovers to take home. Pete, I'm sure, will have at least one of those porters, and I'll be making sure to leave room for the chocolate babka cake for dessert!

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