Tuesday, November 03, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Did you miss me? Apparently so, because I've heard a few comments about how I haven't been posting. I find it amusing that I get the majority of those comments from people who don't blog. Really, who are you to be complaining that I don't update? When you start updating a blog regularly (especially one with photos that you take, edit, upload, etc...) then come back and talk to me! At any rate, I apologize for the month-long absence. Let me catch you up quickly: Work was crazy busy, I got a nasty cold, it was my birthday, work went nuttier, more good friends moved out of the country.

2. Also, (this will be a bit vague because I don't want to get into details, I apologize) a good friend lost his wife last week. Please keep him, their family, and their friends in your thoughts and prayers. It's been a very hard weekend and I think it's going to get harder for them now that the services are over and they're grieving more privately. :(

3. On a totally unrelated and much less sad note (there's no good segue from that last one, and I apologize for that), Pete gave me Lego Batman for my birthday, and he kept playing down his gift like "I didn't get you anything big or special" and I spent about a week wondering if he'd gotten me a toothbrush for my birthday. Then he gave it to me, and here's the thing: I have lusted after this game since about 5 minutes after I finished Lego Indiana Jones last November/December...but I had managed to completely forget about it. Any time we've been in a game store together for the last year, I've checked to see if there is a used Lego Batman and if it was cheap enough for me to be willing to pay for it....and we haven't been in game stores recently, so I was totally surprised and excited to see it! I was excited that once finished kicking bad guy ass as Batman/Robin, I can switch over to play through the game AS the bad guys! Woohooo! I don't think Pete had any idea what kind of monster he would be creating when he bought it for me, and I think he regrets it every weekend morning when he wakes up and finds me on the couch kicking Lego ass!

4. This song has been making me very happy lately. Listen, learn, love. Other things that have been making me happy lately: the grey hat I crocheted for myself a while back. Soup! Sterling Vineyards Savingon Blanc.

5. I wish I could find these for sale, how much awesomer would that make my afternoon tea and chocolate break?! I'd have to trade in the stripey mug (you can see a bit of it here) that I love for a clear glass one, but I'm pretty sure it would be worth it.

6. As I was browsing through old posts looking for a picture of my stripey mug I noticed that it was a year ago almost to the day that I started doing 10 on Tuesday here. I know it hasn't been up every week, but I still thought it was worth noting!

7. Things that still apply from my 10 on Tuesday a year ago: I voted today and I hate that it's pitch black when I leave work at night. Things that don't apply anymore: I don't know if Starbucks busted out the red cups because I stopped drinking it. Can I get a WHAT?! yeah. I'm still in the early stages, but I don't miss my chais. They'll probably be an occasional treat, but in the meantime I'm fine with my Stash Merry Mint, which I get through Amazon Subscribe & Save. And that was part of the motivation - saving $3/work day.

8. I haven't done as much crocheting over the last few weeks, but I did finally get around to taking a picture of the hat I made for Pete a while back. I like it so much I'm thinking about making one (in different colors) for myself.

9. I also haven't taken a lot of pictures over the last month, but you can check out some of them here (because I'm too lazy to back post here).

10. Pete and I have been watching a lot of The Office lately (we're running out of things to watch on Netflix instant...is that bad?). If I could behave the way Jim does and play crazy pranks on a certain co-worker I'm not such a fan if, it would certainly make work much more enjoyable. For me at least.

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Leyre said...

Aw, welcome back! We missed you :) Also, those tea bags are AMAZING. And the song you posted is pretty good too :)