Sunday, June 26, 2011

A List: Things To Do This Summer

When I posted my Spring To Do List, I mentioned that I had been thinking about combining my Spring and Summer lists. I also knew, but wasn't quite ready to admit, that I wouldn't get to all of those things before Summer rolled around - and I actually did better than I expected to! Here's the Summer list, complete with a few spring items carried over.
  1. Buy a bike and ride it (carried over from Spring...and last summer) Half DONE! DONE done!
  2. Finish reading the Penguin Best Books Ever Written: Best Minxes (carried over from Spring. Started, and making progress)
  3. Kayak on the Charles (before August 6th) DONE!
  4. Check out the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met with Leyre (July ?)
  5. Attend the Forest Hills Lantern Festival (July 14th) DONE!
  6. Go to a Paw Sox Game (July 18th) DONE!
  7. Have a picnic for Shakespeare on the Common (July 27-August 14) DONE!
  8. Celebrate a feast in the North End DONE!
  9. Visit a new-to-me Boston Harbor Island DONE!
  10. Ride Carousels (OneTwoThree nearby options) DONE!
What's on your Summer To Do list? Are you going to join me for anything on mine?

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Jen said...

Shakespeare on the Common is cool. I didn't go last year but I have been.

As for the Harbor Islands, that is hard. Have you been to Nut Island? I have wanted to do the lighthouse tour.

There's a feast almost every weekend.

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I saw your reply on Tina's blog this morning over at Carrots and Cake... I too am having a hard time running in the heat. Can't wait to follow along with your blog :)